Short Comics

An inexhaustive list of my short comics, many available to read online. Typically these are comics journalism, literary fiction comics and memoir comics. Enjoy the archives!

  • The Pot to Prison Pipeline with Zack Ruskin, The Nib Magazine
  • Re-Organize, The Nib
  • Upgrading to a Flip Phone, The New Yorker
  • The First Day of the Resistance: Dispatches from the front lines of the inaugurationThe Nib
  • Gathering of the Tribes: The Pipeline Protest at Standing RockThe Nib
  • Mean StreetsThe Nib
  • Meeting New York primary voters: sketches from upstateThe Guardian
  • Meeting the Super Tuesday voters: sketches from VermontThe Guardian
  • Sketches from New Hampshire: meeting the votersThe Guardian
  • Cozy (a dream comic), January 2016, La Revue Planches
  • Gaslight, Aug 2015, Rod and Cone Anthology
  • Sex Positive: Should keeping your HIV status a secret be a crime? The Nib
  • Sleepy Details, May 2013, Colosse
  • In Situ no 3, December 2012, Colosse
  • In Situ no 2, May 2012, Collosse
  • Hourly Comics, February 1st, 2012, Hourly Comics Day 2012
  • Dark Denim, 2012, Tout Va Bien #9 (link to come)
  • L’Agitateur Etranger, 2012, La Hausse En Question
  • In Situ, 2011, Colosse
  • lite, 2011, Snakebomb Comix web
  • PFF, 2011, self published
  • 94608, 2010 (link to come)
  • Anarchogagaism, 2010 (link to come)
  • BLAR, 2010, 24 hour comic (link to come)

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