Visual Storytelling: Comics, Design, and Illustration

I help socially conscious organizations tell visual stories that stick.

I am an award-winning visual storyteller who has produced story-driven art services for mission-driven nonprofits, public agencies and publishers for over 10 years. I have worked with organizations to uplift stories about reproductive justice, tenants rights, labor history, indigenous struggles, HIV/AIDS and cannabis decriminalization, political protest and more.

Ideas and stories with pictures are over 50% more memorable than those with text or audio only. If you want people to take action or remember your public education campaign, it’s worth investing in visual storytelling!

Illustrated data visualization including a map of the United States, a graph illustrated with prison towers, and a Cannabis flag being held by a white man at a government building.

New to visual storytelling?

I’m comfortable working with folks who feel they don’t have much experience bringing their stories to life. I can walk you through the process and help you find your voice. Together we can shine a spotlight on stories that need to be told.

An illustrated portrait of Michael Thompson, an older Black man who was Michigan's longest serving prisoner for a non-violent offense, and a Nina Parks, a young Filipina woman and cannabis entrepreneur.

I use a minimalist art style and modern, simple illustrations to explain complex systems and ideas.

A professional, eye-catching illustrated website can build trust in your audience. An explainer comic can easily educate the public you serve. An illustrated zine can tell compelling visual stories to your donors.

Frankly, illustrated visual storytelling is pretty special. We can:

  • Turn abstract ideas into visual metaphors.
  • Illustrate moments that were not visually documented.
  • Explain complex systems.
  • Show something that your organization aspires toward but has yet to achieve.
  • Share information in an accessible format.

That all sounds nice, but what’s the process?

  1. I talk to you about your goals, listen to your needs, and craft a project with you. I adapt your content or create something using my own research.
  2. I manage the project, and work with you as I create and revise drafts.
  3. I send final deliverables that you and your people will be excited to share.

Illustrations of a computer, a white man smoking weed in front of a fenced in prisoner, a dark haired woman touching cannabis leaves, and a dove holding a cannabis leaf.

Want to make something together?

I have experience creating:

  • Books, Zines, and Magazines
  • Infographics, Visual Notes, Sketchnotes, Graphic Recording
  • Presentations and Slideshows
  • Posters
  • Pamphlets
  • Packaging
  • Marketing Graphics and Illustrations
  • Animation, Motion Design and Storyboards
  • Websites

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